Via dei Neri - Concept Store

Base v Juicery Via Dei Neri is our first concept store. In Via dei Neri we tried to express all our core values, quality, practicality, and transparency. In a store that contains more souls and unites them in one, that of the production workshop, fast service, and homey atmosphere.

In via dei Neri, our production is all in sight, we don’t hide anything because simplicity and transparency are among our most important values from the beginning. Every morning we press over 60kg of fresh fruits and vegetables to produce our cold-pressed juices.

Our small kitchen is a production center where we experiment and produce all our recipes, such as homemade tahini and humms, almond flour, and our already famous, vegano and with no gluten, Banana Bread and Chocolate Chip - Peanut Butter Cookies.


The restaurant in Via dei Neri also shows another essential value of our concept, practicality. All our homemade foods are ready to be consumed. This is to pursue our goal of making healthy eating accessible and quick for everyone.

In addition to being a production lab, Via dei Neri was designed to become a meeting place, for those of us who share the passion for healthy eating, reducing waste and feeling good. We want our customers to feel at home.

Step inside!

Base V, the "Juicery" that was missing

Finally a "different" kind of local, which focuses on fruits and vegetables to offer an alternative to the classic sandwich. In the heart of Florence, a few meters from the Uffizi Gallery, from 21 June opened Base v Juicery, a start-up created by three very young entrepreneurs: Cesare Cacciapuoti, the financial-operational "strategist" with a vocation for the development of new activities, Nicolò De Gregorio, in the DNA the know-how (and the selected supplies) of a family that has been operating in the fruit and vegetable sector for the past 70 years, and Bologna Silvia Bartolomei, entrepreneur in the restaurant industry with experiences in the fruit and vegetable world.

“We wanted to offer a new consumption model of fruit and vegetables that gave everyone the opportunity to eat quality products in a way practical, fast and accessible - says Cesare Cacciapuoti to Italiafruit News - So, we were among the first to propose fruit juices cold pressed and the first to bring visible pressing into Italian shops, in front of the customer”.


Here is the core business of the company: "The juices obtained from the cold process are thenot plus ultra for the intake of nutrients, because the production process minimizes the oxidation of enzymes and vitamins of the raw material - explains Cacciapuoti - The juice, that is, keeps more perishable and longer nutrients. The ease of taking these nutrients means thathalf liter of one of our bottles corresponds approximately to a pound and a half of fruit”.

Not even a month after the inauguration, Base v sells 70-80 liters of juice i per day, for a total of 150 kilos of fruit. "We have different mixes according to the objectives and the customers - the Florentine entrepreneur continues - For a first approach there is mela&menta o ananas&basilico, for the most radical the Green monster, with black cabbage, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, fennel and lemon ".

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The one thing that has been lacking in the past in Florence was the possibility to eat quick and healthy. Base v Juicery, in Via dei Neri, has solved both of these requests in one. Although they are called a juicery they are much more.

The healthy is that produce everything, daily on site from cold-pressed bottled juices to salads, toasts, smoothies and cold-brewed coffee. The quick is most of the menu items are ready bottled or in environmental friendly take-away packages in their fridge. So you can take it to go or take advantage of their seating area in the back and eat in. But you don’t have to stand in line forever to get served.

Base v sources the best produce from local growers and suppliers and you can see for yourself how fresh it is because everything is made in their cold-press and salad lab in the shop.

Base v Juicery is the newest addition to Via dei Neri and we love it. Morning shots of lemon and ginger. Avocado toast or even better apple and goats cheese toast for lunch. Salads galore. We can’t wait for winter to try their soups and hummus and roasted veggie bowl. Cesare, the owner, is welcoming and friendly and his philosophy about making healthy meals with top produce is spot on.

Thumbs up from us!