Via dei Neri – Concept Store

Base v Juicery Via Dei Neri is our first concept store. In Via dei Neri we tried to express all our core values, quality, practicality, and transparency. In a store that contains more souls and unites them in one, that of the production workshop, fast service, and homey atmosphere.

In via dei Neri, our production is all in sight, we don’t hide anything because simplicity and transparency are among our most important values from the beginning. Every morning we press over 60kg of fresh fruits and vegetables to produce our cold-pressed juices.

Our small kitchen is a production center where we experiment and produce all our recipes, such as homemade tahini and humms, almond flour, and our already famous, vegano and with no gluten, Banana Bread and Chocolate Chip – Peanut Butter Cookies.


The restaurant in Via dei Neri also shows another essential value of our concept, practicality. All our homemade foods are ready to be consumed. This is to pursue our goal of making healthy eating accessible and quick for everyone.

In addition to being a production lab, Via dei Neri was designed to become a meeting place, for those of us who share the passion for healthy eating, reducing waste and feeling good. We want our customers to feel at home.

Step inside!